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Minibus and Trailer Training

Are you looking to tow when driving a Minibus?

Let us help you on your journey to a D1+E Licence

D1+E Licence

D1+E Training Vehicle

What is the D1+E Licence

The D1+E Licence will allow you to drive D1+E vehicles with a trailer over 750kg MAM.

The combined MAM of both cannot exceed 12,000kg.

Typically the driver will be looking to add the category D1+E to their licence so they can transport group outings like Boy Scouts or Girl Guides for example.

Absolutely amazing, dedicated and knowledgable trainers! Zack, Dawn & a big thank you to Dean for preparing me and taking me through to passing!! Utterly brilliant and thoroughly recommend!! Thank you!!
Charlotte Brendan Bean Jones

Course Details

Course 1 - Full Day

This course is designed for individuals who have had previous experience and are confident with manoeuvring and reversing a D1+E vehicle and a trailer.

Course 2 - 2 Day

This course is designed for individuals who have little to no experience with manoeuvring and reversing a D1 vehicle with a trailer.

Course 3 - 3 Day

This course is designed for individuals that have no experience towing with a Minibus or the opportunity to share the course with a friend or colleague.

Course - Retest

If you have been unfortunate to have failed a previous DVSA D1+E test then this course may be ideal for you.

Please note, test times can vary due to DVSA availabilty.

Do you already have a D1 Licence but would like some Refresher Training?

Do you have a D1+E licence but haven’t had the driving experience in a D1 vehicle with a trailer for a period of time. This course is ideal for individuals seeking to gain confidence in reversing and manoeuvring techniques. The refresher course can be either a half day or full day.

Course - Refresher

The course is designed around the individual and what they would like to achieve from the training. The course will include:

  • Loading of the trailer, unhitching and reattaching to the vehicle safely and correctly;
  • Road training will include driving on all different types of roads including motorways;
  • You will train and discuss weight of load when turning and reducing speed, other areas road position, approach speed into hazards, overtaking techniques and meeting other vehicles safely.

For the full day course, individuals have more opportunity to hone their advanced driving skills and increase their awareness of the road environment.

Refresher Course - Schedule

  • Half Day
  • 09:00-12:00 Training
  • Full Day
  • 09:00-16:00 Training

  • Licence requirements

    You will need Category D1 on your licence.

    Practical Test

    The test lasts approximately 75mins and consists of:

    • Meeting the examiner;
    • show me tell me questions;
    • reversing exercise;
    • on-road driving.

    *Must have your licence with you to take your test otherwise it will be forfeited.

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